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About the Guild

Post  Awame on Fri Nov 07, 2008 5:21 am

Happy Fun Club is a home for a few old time Moonglade raiders. The happy and fun guild was initially a guild for alting and leveling, just sharing profession materials with friends and helping each other out in anyway we can. Now as most have gotten to the level cap we have decided to continue as a guild and a community of friends, helping each other in leveling and appreciating the guild name in every turn!

At the moment, our goal is to have fun leveling and clearing the 10man raid dungeons. We do not plan to strive for progression contest, most of our members have seen that vicious cycle, but still at our online rates... Who knows!

We are players who appreciate the roleplaying policy of our chosen realm, maybe even have some interest toward roleplay. Players that are interested to explore the game and it's mechanical quirks, striving to understand his/her chosen class to the fullest. People that like to read and write fun stuff in the guild chat. Our mid-age in the guild is well beyond 20.

originally written by Mr Rezarius, the White Rabbit.


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