Brief history of WoW videos!

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Brief history of WoW videos!

Post  Saraste on Tue Jan 13, 2009 12:30 am

A bit bored!

I wanted to gather some of the most legendary WoW videos that I have seen in the past years and are something that some may hear quoted in various occasions! Now no-one needs to feel left out of the humor cast upon guild and party chats as you can enjoy these videos here!

Leeroy no need to explain! Upper Black Rock Spire can be soloed, if you wanna relive the moments and get the "Jenkins" title Smile

Kazzak in SW This was one of the first "How is that possible?" videos. You think about that!

Kazzak soloed Blizzard releases and everything is working as intended.

Internet is for porn! It's a song!

Athene A hilarious paladin with some "attitude". Has really seen effort to make all the videos (running at 50'ish atm) and has it's own spin off youtube series. This was believed to be true by many, maybe the latter vids where his friend goes around stealing cars with a gun shows the real meaning.

Red Snappah! Ahn'qiraj Gates were to be opened with a war effort! This introduces us a bit how that went. VM and HB did this for Moonglade pretty much solo.

Mr. Gnomely Another song!

-50 DKP! Legendary raid, there is only the vent recording.

HB Hogger raid Video explains itself. Just shows the community mood in Moonglade Smile

Add more! Haven't gotten all in my head now! Smile


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Re: Brief history of WoW videos!

Post  Furah on Sat Jun 13, 2009 3:15 pm

you forgot the most legendary Juggernaut that was Pat at 60.
I still cant beleive how much he was hitting for.


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